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#PepTalks: What is Real?

“Time is an Illusion”

“Fear is an Illusion”

“Control is an Illusion”

I have heard MANY people say these 3 phrases this week

What I would have you consider is...

TIME has a relationship with SPACE ...

What occurs in Time and Space is NOT an Illusion..there is an abundance of evidence..Time is a tool of measurement and IS your Greatest ASSET, one that depletes every day

FEAR is REAL!!! ...

Fear is another tool..the question is, are your Fears healthy or UNhealthy? What

created those Fears? How does one overcome those fears


Most people are easily Controlled like sheep 📷🐑

Most people are OUT of control

Most people feel they have no control of their destiny

I would have you Consider SELF Control is what is Real and the only Control you have complete Control of!

The last person that said “life is an Illusion”, I punched in his 📷🥜 sac...while he was curled up on the floor he whimpered “ why did you hit me” response..”it must have been an Illusion, cause I didn’t touch you!”

IT’s all Real

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