Wes Gordon

Wes Gordon

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Wes Gordon

Spiritual Coach

Carolyn Rim

Carolyn Rim

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Carolyn Rim

Founder of "Spark your Rockstar"

Kevin Crenshaw

Kevin Crenshaw

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Kevin Crenshaw

“The Heart Guy” Coach and Trainer


Deborah DiTamasso Atella

Breakthrough and Success Coach 

"I had my first conversation with Mike Peppler  in November 2017. From that initial chat I knew I had connected with someone who would play a positive part in my personal development as well as  in my journey to starting my own coaching business.  


Mike’s spirit is completely genuine and generous. He never preaches or dictates  but rather helps you form the questions that will lead you to what you need to bring to light in order to move forward. The truth is inside of us and Mike has shown me that the better questions you ask yourself the better answers you will get! Mike’s approach to keeping things simple is so refreshing and reassuring.  We often make things more difficult than they need to be with stories we tell ourselves and limiting beliefs. By mastering our minds we master our hearts and Mike has proven this time and time again. Mike has illustrated that our language is powerful and something to be very conscious of. I am now watchful and cognizant of the words I use, especially in my personal relationships and business. My life will forever be enriched by my connection to Mike as a mentor and friend!"

Mike has been a positive influence and energy in my life.   He is an empathetic listener and he freely shares his experience, strength and hope.   His honesty is refreshing.   Mike clearly works on himself in order to maintain a positive attitude and healthy perspective even in the midst of life's struggles.       


Greg Bella
Principle Electrical Engineer


Sinead Tiernan
Performance Life Coach

I have been coached now by Mike for over 18 months and honestly he is possibly the best I have come across.  His coaching style is excellent – he is very personable yet extremely professional.   Mike has helped me break through many limiting beliefs and set in motion new powerful habits and daily rituals.  He has coached me on my business, my relationship and my health and wellbeing.  He is particularly brilliant when it comes to transformational vocabulary.   I am also in a mastermind group lead by Mike and the energy he brings to the table in that group time and time again is mind-blowing.   Look I could write a book on why I think Mike rocks when in fact all I want to do is roar from the rooftop -  ‘don’t give it another thought – book Mike now.  Your life quite simply will never be the same again’. 

My experience of being coached with Mike Peppler. I just wanted to share with anyone who is interested in changing their mindset to be able to create a better life for yourself, then Mike is your man to connect with.

His level of Maturity, Integrity and knowledge of how to steer you into being able to see how you’re making choices that may not be in your best interest to have a successful life is par to none.  He walks his talk and honestly wants to help you improve your life. 

He understands the value of helping others and it comes from a place deep within his heart.   He has a No fluff approach and he pulls no punches when it comes to helping you with your life challenges.  


He tells you what you need to hear even if it hurts in order to help you create the ideal life. His knowledge of how Love, Money and Relationship’s really work is golden. I highly recommend his expertise in coaching, it will change your life. He is the real deal and you don’t find that out here in coaching world as much as you should.


Wes Gordon

Spiritual Coach


Mike Peppler is a King among men. Truly. He exudes strength and confidence in all areas of life and is gifted when helping others grow to be their 'best self''. Mike's ability to connect and see the soul of another person sets him apart from other coaches. His winning combination of intuitive sensing, knowledge of creating lasting change, and business acumen make him the perfect coach for anybody who is ready to rise to their next level of greatness; in business, health, relationships. and life satisfaction. Working with Mike has changed my life, my perceptions, and my belief in what I am capable of achieving. He understood my needs and my potential before I was able to, providing insights and guidance that felt perfectly aligned with my desires and my soul.  And, he is a humorous, fun, passionate, driven, strong man who I trust completely to help me reach my highest potential. You can't go wrong working with Mike Peppler, aka Bear!

Patricia Gill

Speaker & Non-Profit Executive

I highly recommend working with Mike Peppler. His unique and effective ways of motivating you will have you crushing your goals in no time . His high energy makes working with him a lot of fun! You will look forward to all your sessions! Mike makes you look at life ,and solving your problems in a very simple and positive way.
He was able to get through to me like no other person had . He taught me great tools to  use to get over any hump I encountered.


Giselle Miranda
Production Engineer


Wonder what the difference between those who succeed and those who fail, The people who really live their life on purpose and with meaning verses the people who keep falling short of the mark? 


Coaching!   Simple as that. 


If you're ready to fulfill your potential, you need a great  coach to help you do it, someone who knows what it takes! 


Mike Peppler is one of the few coaches I know who can help you make that leap to the next level in Life, in Business and Relationships 

Jovie Sumner

Author Of The Millionaire Mind Frame

From our first chat Mike really made me feel as if I’ve always known him. I’ve worked with other coaches but none like Mike. His approach and character allows you to share anything with him effortlessly. Mike helps you set realistic goals that speaks to you. And helps you discover what has been setting you back. If your ready for the next chapter in you life !! Mike is the coach for you.


Kathy Rodriguez 

Brand Manager


I’ve known Mike through social media for a year now and we recently met via video call for the first time... In one 90 minute call he provided valuable insights and was on point with important areas that I needed movement on. This helped me with decisions I was making... On top of that we discovered a brotherly connection which will sustain us ... I recommend you connect and see what he can do for you!

David Alison
 International Life/ Business Coach

and Consultant